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Nicholls & Pearce offer 2 paper recycling wheeled bins - the "Palladin" and "Eurobin".  Both are manufactured and tested to comply with EN840, RAL and AFNOR European regulations.  Both bins are lockable and suitable for commercial waste collection - although the Palldin bin would also be suitable for domestic purposes.  The main features of both bins are detailed below:

Palladin - 2-wheeled bin Eurobin - 4- wheeled bin
  120 litre capacity   1100 litre capacity
  Maximum load 58 kg   Maximum load 455 kg
  Dimensions 970 mm (h)  x 480 mm (w)  x 550 mm (d)   Dimensions 1300 mm (h)  x 1360 mm (w)  x 1070 mm (d)
  Domestic/commercial use   Commercial use

For use in the office, Nicholls & Pearce offer a number of bins for managing confidential and recyclable waste.  Ranging from deskside bins, to cardboard and executive paper recycling bins we have a choice of solutions to meet the demands of your business.