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Static compactor

Our range of static compactors offer the complete waste solution and are specifically designed for mainly dry waste such as cardboard, shrink wrap and pallets etc.  Each compactor in the range has a substantially large charge box of 1.5m3 and a compaction force of 30 tonnes.  Like the roll on-off portable compactor, it has a waste compaction ratio of 6:1. 

Specifications for static compactors

Static compactor
  Motor  5.5 - 15 kw
  Compaction force 28 - 50 tonnes
  Cycle time 38 - 54 secs
  Length 2050 - 4965 mm
  Width 1600 - 1630 mm
  Filling height 1300 mm
  Total weight 2750 - 4450 kg

Other features of skip portable compactors include a ¾ bale full indicator as well as material retention claws, PLC control system (programmable logic controller), lockable control box and a standard multi cycle timer.

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