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Roll on off portable compactor

These compactors have a range of capacities depending upon specific requirements.  They are more powerful than the more standard compactor and are also leak-proof and odour-proof so are ideal where food wastes requires handling and where vermin could be a potential issue.  Waste storage can be more effectively managed combined with the obvious visual and hygiene improvements.

All of the compactors in the range have a waste compaction ration of 6:1 as well as a compaction force of 30 tonnes.

Specifications for roll on-off compactors

Roll on-off compactor
  Motor  5.5 kw
  Compaction force 30 tonnes
  Cycle time 38 secs
  Length 5900 - 7585 mm
  Width 2550 mm
  Height 1300 mm
  Total weight 4750 - 5250 kg

Other features of skip portable compactors include a ¾ bale full indicator as well as material retention claws, PLC control system (programmable logic controller), lockable control box and a standard multi cycle timer.  Its conical construction makes it ideal for hassle-free emptying and provides a quick turnaround at the landfill site.

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