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Paper recycling

Besides cardboard recycling, Nicholls & Pearce offer paper recycling and office recycling schemes which are designed to help your organisation efficiently manage waste.  Paper can be recycled around 5 times until the fibres become too weak and disintegrate.

Figures suggest that paper and card contribute to nearly one-third of all the household waste collected for recycling.  However, that still leaves a large proportion that isn't undergoing the recycling process.

Benefits of paper recycling include:

  The reduction of harmful air pollutants by 95%.  Since recycled paper doesn't usually undergo a bleaching process, oxygen rather than chlorine is used; therefore less dioxins are released into the atmosphere.
  Recycled paper production uses between 28-70% less energy than the energy levels required to produce virgin paper.
  Paper as it rots in landfills produces methane which is 20% stronger than carbon dioxide.  This is a serious contributor to global warming and it's crucial that we find ways to ensure its reduction.

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