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Nicholls & Pearce don't just offer cardboard recycling.  We offer both paper recycling and office recycling schemes.  Despite the media interest concerning the effects upon the environment and the fact that we live in a digital world; over the last twenty years the world has doubled the amount of paper it uses.

By recycling paper we can reduce the number of trees used to make paper - 24 are required to make a tonne of paper (the remaining 50% comes from waster fabric, cotton, grasses and sugar cane.  Recycling paper also saves water because less is required to produce recycled paper as opposed to virgin paper. 

By recycling paper we also address the landfill issue, over 5 million tonnes of paper is dumped in landfill according the Paper Federation of Great Britain.  It means that we can help stop the imbalance that is affecting the environment and leaves forests to prosper and retain their biodiversity.

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