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Multi chamber baler

The multi chamber vertical baler differs from the small single chamber vertical baler in the flexibility it offers.  Different recyclable materials can be sorted into each chamber and as your number of varying materials increases, the machine will allow for the addition of more chambers.  Materials that can be recycled in the multi chamber vertical baler include paper, cardboard and polythene.

For ease of use, the baler's aperture is at a good height for loading whilst it boasts triple encoded safety devices and material retaining claws to help stop spring back.  Noise levels are low at under 80 decibels.

Specification for multi chamber vertical baler

multi chamber vertical baler
  Motor  1.5 kw
  Compaction force 4-6 tonnes
  Maximum bale weight 70 kg approx.
  Pressing chamber (L x W x H) 730 x 600 x 830 mm
  Maximum size of bale (L x W x H) 700 x 700 x 500 mm
  Cycle time 25 secs
  Total weight 670 kg

The baler is very strong and will produce bales with a maximum weight of 70kg.  Once the bales have been tied securely, there is no heavy lifting involved since a trolley is supplied.

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