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Mill size vertical baler

The mill size baler is the best vertical baler on the market today and is a favourite amongst recyclers.  Powerful enough to output bales greater in weight than 500kg, it is also extremely safe with safety interlocks and a PLC control system (programmable logic controller).

The machine can handle a range of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard and plastic and the size and density of the bales produced means that you can gain the optimal revenue from the baling process.

Specification for mill size vertical baler

Mill size vertical baler
  Motor  7.5 kw
  Platen force 32 tonnes
  Maximum bale weight 550 kg
  Maximum size of bale (W x D x H) 1524 x 762 x 1220 mm
  Cycle time 50 secs
  Number of ties 5
  Total weight 1500 kg

Other features of the mill size baler include a semi automatic bale ejection system as well as structural lifting eyes, a front bale tie-off, material retention claws and a bale full indicator.

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