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Medium single chamber vertical baler

This machine with an operating pressure of 22 tonnes has the capability to produce larger bales than the small single chamber vertical baler.  Bales produced can be approximately 250kg in weight. 

The medium single chamber vertical baler offers a range of features namely a wide feed for bigger, more awkward recyclables; an easy to use two button control panel, restraints to help stop spring back, as well as an auto bale ejection system.

Specification for medium single chamber vertical baler

Medium single chamber vertical baler
  Motor  4 kw
  Compaction force 22 tonnes
  Maximum bale weight 250 kg
  Maximum size of bale (L x W x H) 1000 x 1130 x 1200 mm
  Cycle time 28 secs
  Operating noise less than 80 dB
  Total weight 1500 kg

The machine can handle a variety of materials such paper, plastic and cardboard and can compress them by as much as 90% in a cycle time of only 28 seconds.  Efficient and CE compliant.

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