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Nicholls & Pearce offer a range of compactors depending on the waste involved.  Our skip portable compactors and static compactors handle dry waste products such as cardboard, shrink wrap and pallets whilst the roll on-off portable compactor is ideally suited to food wastes since it is both leak-proof and odour-proof.

The major benefit of compactors is their capacity to reduce waste volumes by a significant amount.  Skip portable compactors can reduce volumes by as much a 6:1, the same applying to roll on-off portable compactors and static compactors.  This means the cost to transport to landfill sites is reduced, storage areas are maintained more efficiently without the build up of unsightly rubbish and you benefit from a more hygienic and professional-looking workplace.

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Various compactors available:

  Skip portable compactors
  Roll on-off portable compactors
  Static compactors