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Cardboard recycling

  • One off or ad hoc collections
  • Regular 1100 Litre Eurobin service
  • Rebates given for mill size baled cardboard
  • Deliver cardboard recycling in to our depot


If you're a producer of cardboard then you will  know how expensive it is to dispose of via your general waste. At Nicholls & Pearce we have over 50 years experience in cardboard recycling. Call us now on 0208 858 9200 or fill in our FREE QUOTE form.

Recycling is a subject that is gaining more interest both on a national and global level.  In the UK on average, we recycle less than 15% of our household rubbish (Source: e-digest of Environmental Statistics, August 2004).  Finding methods of reducing waste and recycling it where possible has both environmental and financial rewards.

Cardboard contains cellulose fibres (usually found in wood pulp) which means it can be recycled up to 5 times before fibres disintegrate.  To give you an idea of how much cardboard is produced in the UK, around 8 million tonnes is produced each year - 4.2 million tonnes coming from commercial sources, the rest from domestic households.

Nicholls & Pearce can arrange for cardboard recycling to be collected either as a one-off service or as a part of a regular collection suited to individual requirements.  Either contact us or request a quote online.

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